Wednesday, May 28, 2008

red tricycle

     I not quite sure, but every time that I have passed this small red tricycle it has always caught my eye. A krypton lock keeps the tricycle static. There are home made–label maker letters applied to the seat of the tricycle. They spell out someones web address along with the worn faded telephone number. Before  looking up the web site, my cohort and I walked eastward on Alberta Street asking people if anyone knew of the trike and if there was a purpose for its condition. Knowledge of the trike was unknown. I went to the web site hoping to gain more information but found only a photographers portfolio of past work. When the telephone number was dialed, an assistant answered sounding dismayed that I was requesting information on the trike and not wanting to book the photographer. I gave my information in hopes of learning more, but as of this posting there has been no word. This ingenious calling card–left to sub come to the elements–remains exposed but unaccounted.

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