Monday, June 2, 2008

the art of conversation

     Is it lost? Has the use of the cell phone and your choice of favorites on your speed dial isolated you from the ability to converse with those on the outskirts of your realm? David Price poses this question to you. Look around–down the street, in the supermarket. How many people are connected to their personal device and by doing so exclude the possibilty of interacting with those surrounding them. With you. How often have you missed an opportunity to exchange brief and perhaps interesting dialogue with the clerk at check out? Ever think about asking how they are. A chance to brighten up their day perhaps. Learn any juicy tidbits from the corner coffee house this morning? Or better yet, met a new person that was extremly interesting? Missed a chance because you were plugged into your device that delivered the same five people day in and day out.  Pity. You could become part of something really big. Community.

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